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Our Cleaning ServiceS Include:

Traditional Dry Cleaning

We have been dry cleaning suits, dresses, coats and much more for over 20 years. We ensure our cleaning services are at optimum quality through attention to detail and quality maintenance.

Shirt Service

Whether it be smart or casual, it can be awfully time consuming to make sure your shirts are free from stains and creases. We provide this service so laundry and ironing are off your to-do list, leaving you with additional free time and wrinkle-free shirts.

Suede and Leather Cleaning

Our specialised suede and leather cleaning services appreciate how these hard-wearing and premium materials need extra care when being treated and cleaned. You can count on us for quality suede and leather cleaning.

Wash and Laundry

Laundry is a tedious chore which consumes a lot of energy and time. Using our laundry service will mean you will no longer need to put in, wait, take out, hang out to dry, or fold your laundry. This service will provide you with folded, fresh & clean garments.

Ironing Service

Ironing can be a huge time consuming chore, this service will save you your time and energy. Many items cannot be ironed with domestic irons. To guarantee satisfaction, all ironing is handled with care and attention to the individual requirements of the item.

Duvet and Curtain Cleaning

Duvets are cleaned to a high standard making sleep refreshing, comforting and cosy.
Curtain cleaning services are specialised to ensure the correct treatment and care is given to the curtains.

Designer Clothing Care

Cleaning high quality garments is not something you can learn overnight. Being established since 1999, we have become experienced specialists in designer clothing care. Being a family-run business, we have become a trusted and reliable dry cleaner in London.

Wedding Gowns

We understand that wedding gowns and dresses are tremendously special and precious, and therefore the highest care and attention to detail is taken as soon as we are trusted with one. We spot clean all wedding dresses by hand and treat individual stains before dry cleaning. Gowns and dresses are given extra attention and precautions to ensure that all fabrics remain preserved.

Sneaker Cleaning

There’s nothing quite like a fresh pair of sneakers, right? The problem is that all it takes is one wear to dull their new-shoe shine, especially if they’re white. At Diamond TDC, we hand clean all sneakers with the latest professional chemicals and tools, ensuring that all the different materials on a sneaker are cleaned appropriately.

Bag Cleaning

All bags eventually need to be cleaned. Since many  bags are made of leather or have leather trims, they should never be placed in a washer or dryer or soaked in a sink. The team at Diamond TDC are here to make your bag look as good as new again!

Our Tailoring Service Includes:

Repairs and Alterations

Regardless of how valuable your garment is, a coat or a wedding dress, it may not look its best unless it fits you according to your style. With our expertise, accuracy and precision, your garment will be altered to your preferred fit with a professional and original finish.

Diamond TDC offer a range of repairing services to satisfy customers and revive garments/bags back to their use! We repair tears, holes, broken zips and much more on all types of garments whether it be jeans, shirts or jackets. We also repair bags and belts.

Made to Measure

Our made to measure services offer the greatest level of personalisation for your garments. Our professional tailors have incredible talent, you can be sure to expect high quality made to measure clothing, to suit your individual size, figure and style.

Suit Adjustments

A suit is designed to help you present a smart and sharp image. We are specialists in this field and are confident that we will be able to alter your suits  precisely to your preferred fit.

Curtain Alterations

We can shorten curtains to your required length. Our exceptional curtain alteration services simplify the process for you to meet your specifications.

Business to Business

For business enquiries, please contact us on our Corporate page or give us a call on 0207 790 7318.